More Than A Save

It was my senior year at Emerson College for my previous three years at Emerson I had been the starting goalie for our team. In my senior year, we brought in three new goalies Malcolm McGrath, Calloway Myers, and Daniel Hollis. I love all three of them like brothers. What I am trying to get out is for my past three years I was either the only goalie on the roster or for my sophomore year we had a second-string goalie who played for half a season then quit. But I'm getting distracted from what I am trying to get too. My senior year I was named a back-up goalie I was the third-string goalie behind Calloway, and Malcolm who split time to start the year and Dan was technically the fourth string goalie but in all honesty, Dan was so much more talented than me I just think our coach thought it would crush me if I was 4th string and it was my last season so I think he just decided Bailey third string.

It was our last home game of the season against Coast Guard. 

With 6:35 left in the game, we were down 16-2 and our coach called a timeout and told me I was going in and told me to enjoy it.

I did and in fact, the first shot I faced in the game I made the save if you don't believe me I got the video proof. 

Now that we finally got to the part of the save here is the meaning of why that save means so much to me. Eventually, that ball ended up out of play and off the restart, a new ball was picked up at that moment I did not know this I only found out this story after which makes it all so special.

Dan Hollis, a fellow goalie who was a freshman on the team at the time, we became very good friends that year and we were always hanging out and goofing off together. Dan kept an eye on that ball the entire time after I made that save and knew exactly where it was when it went outbounds he knew exactly what ball it was. When the game ended and our team helped clean up all the balls and put them away after the game. Dan tracked that ball, picked it up, and pocketed. I honestly don't think anyone noticed that he did this which is crazy.

We still had one more game that season, Dan held onto that ball and put it in his locker for safekeeping. After our final game ended, my college career was officially over and that the save against Coast Guard was the last one of my career. Dan now knew that the ball he had sitting in his locker was officially my last save ball. 

Of course, you have a day where you go down to the field as a team you clean out your locker and throw things away and give equipment and stuff back. I remember I finished cleaning out all the things from my locker and getting ready to leave and I was one of the last guys there and Dan was still there. 

Dan stopped me and said, "BK here". Dan tossed a lacrosse ball at me and yes I did catch it. And I just looked at him a little confused and simply asked, "What's this?" 

Dan then explained to me how he tracked the ball from my last save and picked up and wanted me to have it because he knew how much lacrosse meant to me and how big a part of my life the sport is and this team was.

At that moment I remember trying to hold back tears because it was just such an amazing gift and it just hit me to my core that one, my lacrosse career was over and two, someone would care this much about me to do something like this for me.

Nobody told Dan to do this. That is the part I will NEVER get over! Dan never had to get this ball. He never had to do it, he just did it because that’s the person he was. He did things that went above and beyond for those he loved and cared about. He did everything the right way.

That was just the person Dan was; he did things like that. He loved everyone that he knew and was the most thoughtful and caring person I ever met. 

And I know that everyone who knew him loved him as much as he loved us. 

I love you 27, thank you for the ball and I miss you every day.


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